Online Marketing

One of the most valuable assets in your wineries marketing arsenal is the visitor email database that your website should be collecting. These are people who have expressed enough interest in your wines to have given you their email addresses.

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Permission based online marketing is the art and science of leading these visitors to become customers, without abusing their trust. Modern online marketing efforts must adhere to several strict legal requirements, and your hosting company will have rules as well. Our systems and training materials are geared to help you create a successful and respectful online marketing strategy.

Our permission-based email application allows you to:

  • Create and send text or html newsletters and messages
  • Group customers for targeted email campaigns
  • Develop event and time based follow-up email events
  • Schedule delivery at any future time or date
  • Track and measure delivery, readership and effectiveness
  • Automatically clean database from bounced messages
  • Export your email list for backup or offline processing
  • Easily keep your mailings CanSpam 2003 compliant

VinMarché supports responsible, permission based email marketing. A fine primer on email marketing can be found here. (PDF-1913 KB)


To discuss how the VinMarché team can help your winery achieve success in your online marketing efforts, please contact us using the form in the left sidebar.

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